Beyonce Set To Release New Music Video

Get In Formation, is Beyoncé becoming an activist –  we need more positive leaders with a strong voice and huge influence to encourage a positive change. According to the Beyhive team Queen Bey is set to release another video bringing more awareness to police brutality.

Via GiGionThat

BeyHive Team, reported that Beyoncé’s new video is set to feature the parents of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, and Mike Brown; three men who have come to serve as a symbol of police brutality, and inspiration for the Black Lives Matter movement. Allegedly the parents will be holding pictures of their deceased sons.
Beyonce’s camp has yet to confirm these claims although both she and her husband Shawn Carter have made sizable monetary contributions to BLM and similar causes.

Stay tuned if this is true I wonder how many people will criticize her efforts?

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