Beyonce, Oprah and Lady Gaga Top Forbes Celebrity 100 List

beyonce oprah


The Annual Forbes Celebrity list dropped today and of course it wouldn’t be right if the King and Queen weren’t gracing it. According to Forbes, “fame” equals power measured by ”…celebrity earnings over the last 12 months, how often each celebrity is mentioned in print and on TV and the strength of their Internet presence and how they’re viewed by a critical constituency: American consumers.”
Take a look at the 2013 list below.



  • Coffy Brown

    Im very shocked tp see the annual incomes! I would have thought Bey was closer to $100 mil, Im with you Venessa , I thought the same of Rih Rih!

  • Venessa Thomas

    and plus her Clothing Line……I love her clothes and shoes!!!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Man, I thought Rihanna would have made more than that, especially with all of the touring and endorsements she has made. I hope next year she hits the $100 million dollar mark