Beyoncé “Love Thy Hater”

beyonce-love-thy-haterBeyoncé’s pictures on her tumblr always has a purpose,sometimes she shares her private life sometimes it entertainment but sometimes the photos have an embedded messages. The superstar posted a picture rocking a “Love Thy Hater” hoodie and we love it, not only is the top super cute- but the kiss and the pose says it all!

love thy hater hoodie

According to FashionBombDaily the sweatshirt sold out within minutes. Bey is fresh off her Mrs. Carter World Tour, which was the highest grossing tour of 2013. 


  • Venessa Thomas

    Yeah, eye’ve NEVER hated on her or anyone else. She’s just a nice, pretty, but basic chick. She creates her own teasers to the public to draw attention to herself. that tour was pretty fast. She’s no Rihanna that’s for sure. She wish!!

  • CosmoBeauty

    This women and her camel have nothing to hate on, like really? Only low class folks without morals nor values give two #ucks about the Camel family. Me Hater?! Naaaaw I’m just a woman who god has blessed and was taught by my mom to glorify God and not Man. Thank you!!!!!!

    Oops! Meant to say Carter family. Lol!!!!

  • Gigi

    Yes I love it.