Beyoncé, Jay Z, Jennifer Hudson and Kris Jenner attend Miss Tina’s Masquerade Party in New Orleans

kris jenners

Star studded celebration in New Orleans for Miss Tina Knowles. Beyoncé’s mother celebrated her 60th birthday with friends and family at an exclusive masquerade bash January 11th, 2014. Jennifer Hudson, Kris Jenner, Jay Z, Kelly Rowland, Monica, Lorraine Schwartz and Jay Z  just to name a few of the celebrities in attendance. Check out the fabulous pictures inside.

bey tina knowles


jay b

Bey and Jay cutting a rug…in New Orleans Bdx4n_SIUAAXQs7

Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland and Queen Bey all pose for a picture at the birthday party.


The pictures above clearly show a room full of love and opportunities. Happy Birthday Miss Tina!!





  • Coffy Brown

    She is Gorgeous ( Miss Knowles that is – she knows she is still working it – what happened to her new beau – are they thru – no pics of her and the TV Joe Jackson!?!

  • KiaSoto


  • mb

    Tina Knowles looks fabulous at 60 years old!!

  • Nic

    Kris stay pressed. My question is…… where is Nephew Kanye???? Kim wasn’t invited??

    • mb

      @Nic – Really? How is Kris Jenner pressed? Why are people so concerned about Kris Jenner being invited to Tina’s 60th birthday party? How do you know that Kim wasn’t invited? This is why the Kardashian’s keep winning, some people are losing their minds about Kris being at Tina’s party and in a picture with Tina & Beyonce. It’s not that serious.

  • Gigi

    What is Kris Jenner doing there.