Guess Which Celebrity Mother and Daughter Spend The Day Getting Pampered


During one of the most successful tours to date, and just named Forbes most powerful and highest earning celebrity pop superstar Beyoncé makes time for her daughter Blue Ivy Carter. The star posted a picture on her personal instagram showing off their nails with the caption “Me and my Blue, and my Blue Blue, riding “Beyonce and Blue

Billboard calls Beyoncé the queen of pop music, and  pop culture, and clearly the world agrees!! Her latest album ‘BEYONCÉ has sold over 2 million copies in the US making her visual album double platinum. Recently Billboard named Beyoncé  the Queen of Pop Culture.


  • MrsGrapevine

    I don’t know what to say, I should have clicked on another post, because my first thought is not positive. Let me just say, I see wherever one else is coming from. However, she may be a tall girl both of her parents are tall. Most tall people have beautiful long fingers, right?

  • Keira

    Seriously? Those hand belongs to a teenager. Stop it Bey!!

  • Pickaname

    I was thinking the same thing….those are some huge hands to be 2 years old. Something ain’t right. First the bullshit about her telling some other baby (a 3 year old) that she is shy (get the fuck out of here. What 2 year old speak that damn clear? Beyoncé and Jay do not even speak clearly, and you are trying to tell me that she is that advanced? Get the fuck out of here!!! Now these big ass hands are hers???? Either she is suffering from the elephant man’s disease, or she is going to be the next Andre the Giant!

  • Nicola Gossips

    Blue has some big ole hands. I’m so confused.

    • MrsGrapevine

      I’m trying not to say a word…oh my!