Beyoncé and Giuseppe Zanotti Shoe Collaboration

Beyoncé and Giuseppe Zanotti are working together to create a shoe collaboration. The news was announced yesterday, but has been in work for some time.


Via Forbes

“An artist that goes by the name of Beyoncé, also has her first shoe in collaboration with Zanotti coming out, scheduled for release within one or two weeks. “I’m doing a shoe with Beyoncé right now,” Giuseppe tells me while showing me an image from his phone, of a sketch. I’m not able to see what the final product will turn out like, but going by the sketch, Beyoncé has a thing for ultra thick platform stilettos. “Beyoncé has very clear ideas – she knows exactly what she wants. The thing which she then also has over other celebrities, is that she has an amazing voice. She’s incredibly talented and she’s an amazing dancer – she’s complete. Few are like Beyoncé,” the designer says about the multiple Grammy award-winning artist he has known ever since her Destiny’s Child days. “I’m working on finalizing the shoe with her stylist right now. And Beyoncé will then say what she likes and what she doesn’t like. It will be one shoe only,” Zanotti concludes with regards to the shoe that will certainly get the BeyHive craving.” –

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