Beyoncé addresses motherhood,miscarriage and marriage in her HBO documentary

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Beyoncé addresses motherhood, the pain of a miscarriage and marriage in her HBO documentary which airs February 16th, 2013. The HBO documentary  title Life is But a Dream gets  into her personal life focusing on her marriage to rapper Jay-Z, motherhood and Bey like we have never seen before.

She says “It’s every woman’s dream to feel this way about someone, when speaking about her husband Jay-Z during a vacation in Venice.




Beyoncé who is normally so private about her marriage and her life in general, opens up in this documentary. Bey shares footage of her trip to Paris with her nephew, last year.  She talks about wanting to “make love” to her husband. She explains why she decided to share her pregnancy news so visibly at the MTV awards.

According to USATODAY the most notable part of the film is when Beyoncé opens up about her miscarriage two years ago, saying that one week she heard a heartbeat – and the next, nothing. And she talks about how devastating the loss was to her and how she retreated to the studio to deal with it. Most movingly, she addresses stories that she used a surrogate to carry daughter Blue Ivy, now 1.

Bey also addresses the fake pregnancy rumors as just “Stupid”

“You see her with Blue, just being a mom, and with Jay-Z, being a wife. Overall, it’s a savvy and just-personal-enough glimpse into the life of someone who generally reveals nothing of herself to the press.”


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