Beige Boy Beef – Drake and Common’s Beef Was Over Serena Williams


Apparently tennis balls aren’t the only thing Serena Williams is good at serving. She may be no Helen of Troy (she allegedly was the cause of the Trojan war for my Greek mythology heads), but her goodies did start a war of words for between the rap games two favorite rappers of the light skin persuasion. For those that don’t remember, Common and everybody’s favorite Canadian Rapper, Drake, had a beef a few years back. While the beef was allegedly over the voluptuous tennis player, neither rapper confirmed the reason behind their issue until now. In a recent interview with Vlad TV, the Chi-Town rapper had this to say:
Via VladTV:
VladTV sat down with legendary Chicago MC Common and asked about the roots of his previous issues with Toronto rapper Drake. The two went back and forth in 2012, and while many speculated it was over a certain woman the two had in “common,” it was never confirmed.
Common admitted during the sit down that it was indeed Serena who sparked the flame which eventually led to him taking shots at the kid from Canada on songs like “Sweet” and his “Stay Schemin’” freestyle.
“I think that was, for me, an emotional thing. I was feeling that time, I think it was the “Drake/Serena situation” I didn’t know what was going on with that. I didn’t know if he was throwing things, shots or anything.
“This is my ex and we kind of going our separate ways. Unfortunately the war might have been over a girl, even if at the time I never said that.”
Say what you want to say, but this girl is a champion on and off the court! Common is fine as all get out and Drake, while he doesn’t personally do it for me in the looks department, is one of the hottest rappers in the game right now.


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    Can someone please tell these dudes, that we do not own these women. We are just renting them.

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