BBW’s LA Sunday Carter’s Mile Long Rap Sheet Revealed

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I am not a fan of Sunday anyway, especially since she likes to hate on Draya because she is washed up and a has been, now her past has come to the light.  RWS  got their hands on her rap sheet from when she was arrested.

Sunday has several cases stemming from shoplifting and stolen property! People need to learn to just keep quiet and not always try to point the finger at someone, because life has a way of pointing five fingers back at you.  I am pretty sure she will blame this on being young and dumb..

The hate she has for Draya is all jealousy!! Draya is no saint and I can’t stand her cocky attitude but I must give props where it’s due, and this girl had a salacious pass but manage to build a name for herself and a brand

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  • Venessa Thomas

    Love Draya!!

  • Coffy Brown

    I cant stand the bitch anyway! People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones

  • bebe

    how is one charge a mile long?? REACHING. read the rap sheet and realize it is the same charge before posting for clicks.

  • mb

    The only reason Sundy is coming at Draya is to be relevant. Sundy and Jackie Christie have no story line and Draya does. Also, Draya has a huge following on social media. I like Draya, but I can’t stand to see other people drag her as if they don’t have a past.