Ashanti Unveils New Album Cover For Braveheart Album



Ashanti is slaying on her new cover for her upcoming album that was supposed to debut like 5 years ago, but her album is due to arrive on my birthday February 18th. This would be the follow up from her 2008 “The Declaration”. This past November she dropped her single with “Rick Ross” called I Got It  and she recorded a single with Beenie Man called First Love.



Ashanti poses in front of  a rose and she released everything on Instagram along with a series of promo photos, shot by Robert Ector. Ashanti goes on to say that: This album is something very deep,” Ashanti previously said of the project, which features production from Jerry Wonda, Detail, and Sak Pase. “I’m going places that I haven’t gone on different albums.” Okay girl It’s funny that Dawn Richards did the same thing….Obviously Dawn didn’t get the memo because Ashanti released this artwork before and I guess Dawn decided to snatch it and use the same photographer for  her GoldenHeart during the end of 2011/early 2012…





Okay Shanti… I see you….  But nevertheless, I hope she has a successful album. The covers look really nice…. Congrats Shanti… Keep trying…

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  1. She is killing in those fits – I always loved Ashanti’s syle – I can’t wait Ive only been waiting fifty/leven years for this album! cant wait

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