Artist Portrays Kim Kardashian as Religious Figures in New Paintings


A Brooklyn Based artist has painted Kim Kardashian as certain religious figures, Hannah Kunkle delivers Kardashian as the Virgin Mary, Medusa, the devil and even Kleopatra. The 23-year-old artist’s garish style, somewhere between net art and religious tapestry, perfectly captures the absurdity of our nation’s Kardashian obsession and predilection towards celeb idolatry in general. This one above su


Per Huffington Post:

“Kim Kardashian is the subject of this series because she is someone I and many others are fascinated with without even sometimes knowing why,” Kunkle explained to The Huffington Post. “She is everywhere we look and knowledge of the ins and outs of her life is almost unavoidable… Kim Kardashian has such a strange version of fame. We don’t totally understand what makes her so fascinating.”

Kunkle’s work recently went on view in a Bushwick exhibition titled “The Passion of Kim Kardashian.” Not too surprisingly, the religious community was unamused. “It’s deplorable,” Pastor Reggie Stutzman of Real Life Church told The New York Daily News. “It’s sacrilegious, irrelevant, and disrespectful… It’s idol worship.”


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I have a feeling that Kanye approves of this, I wonder how much Kim paid to have these made and I wonder how much she paid to have a website report it as news.

So many questions….


  • mb

    This is very weird. Is this artist looking for attention?