Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be Making A Comeback In The Terminator 5


Arnold is coming back to reprise his role in the Terminator 5, he made the official announcement while in Australia. He stated that he is very happy that the studio wants him to be apart of the film. As you know this was Arnold’s break out role back in 1984.

I guess he is trying to get back into acting since taking a break from being in the political spot light plus the whole fathering another child while he was married to Maria at the time. Letting all the negative press die down. But back in 2003 he did make a comeback for the third film of the series Rise of The Machines. He is also doing a sequel of the movie with Danny Devito Twins…. Man that was my movie. Anyway glad to see Arnold coming back in a positive way, can’t wait to see the trailer.

  • Spilldabeanz

    Boyyy if you dont sit your tail down!!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Good luck Mr. A, I never saw the first one …lol

  • ShelbyMoore

    Ain’t no body gonna watch that movie with his cheating ass.