Apple to Start new Record Label, Looking to Sign Beyonce ?

beyonce in paris

The slayage just won’t end, some are speculating about the possibility of Apple starting a label and going after Swift, Beyoncé, Coldplay and Justin Timberlake, whose contracts are all nearing the ends of their terms.

According to Hitsdailydouble

The tech giant doesn’t need to get into the record business in order to accomplish that goal; all it needs to do is to sign these superstars to exclusive deals for digital rights, thus effectively shutting out Spotify and every other service. Even if each deal costs $20-30m, that amounts to a drop in the bucket for this moneymaking colossus. As a further selling point, it doesn’t hurt to have Jimmy Iovine—the best closer in the business—and Dr. Dre in the house.


This would be a perfect time for Beyonce to get her mogul on and go independent, own distribution,  it would be major. It’d be interesting to see the reaction and the talent she’d line up.