Apparently Meek Mill Loves Tranny’s Exposed Via Instagram


Well I am sorry to do a double post, but after Meek put his homie on blast someone outed him  on Instagram on the comments section claiming that he was doing some Tranny loving before he blew up.  Apparently there is a tape of Meek sexing a tranny too. LOL Read the comment inside.



Notice how detailed they were…… SMH that is what he gets.. Hilarious! Nothing surprises me anymore about this industry.. It is full of closeted homo’s portraying to be straight.. Poppin bottles and banging models. When in actuality it is the complete opposite… Dreadful!


  • arbitrary

    I dont blamebhim. Trannies be looking and fucking better than most females.

  • Camila MQC

    Gay men are NOT attracted to transgender women, only heterosexual men are turned on by us, even if they want a prostate massage, that doesn’t make them gay. A homosexual man wants a masculine man, not a beautiful trans woman.

    If he likes trans females, what the fuck is the problem? Haters fall back…

    • Kia Soto

      I hear that!

  • Ciera Chantál | CheckoutMyBlog

    SMH!!! He acts like a b*tch

  • Venessa Thomas

    DAM, are all black men gay now??? wtf!