Another Day, Another Lawsuit- Lindsay Suing Video Game Makers Over Cartoon Likeness


Seems like the train wreck that is former child star Lindsay Lohan’s life is making another stop in desperate-ville. The former A-lister has been riddled in the past with drug, legal and financial woes, and I’m guessing her latest lawsuit against the makers of the popular “Grand Theft Auto” video game is another desperate check to collect a check.  Lindsay and her legal team claim that the cartoon model on the cover was drawn to resemble her likeness (as if she owns the copyright on blond-haired chicks in bikinis). Too bad for her others are pointing out that the cartoon on the cover resembles another famous blond, sports illustrated model Kate Upton, and another lesser known model by the name of Shelby Welinder  claims that she was the one who was actually paid by the creators to have her image used on the cover.

model Kate

Shelby on the left….Kate on the right…so who do you think they used? (yea, I’m going with Kate for $1000 Alex lol)

Even still, Lindsay’s team claims that some of the game’s characters are based off of Lindsay and her exploits.  I’m going to need for Lindsay to clean up her act and try to get another movie, tv show, infomercial or something. Heck, call up Tyler Perry if you have to, he always seems to resurrect white actors from the dead, I’m sure he would love to put you in his next film…he can call it “Madea Goes to Rehab” or something like that.  I’m just going to need you to stop with these ridiculous lawsuits, I mean last time you were suing Pit Bull for mentioning your name in a song.  If anything you should be happy people are keeping you and your freckles relevant. I’m going to need for her to call up Evelyn and take a private lesson in her class “How to Keep the Checks Coming In 101”. And if all else fails it is the holidays, I’m sure Wal-Mart, Best Buy or any of the other major retail chains will give you a job, even if it is only for the holiday season.

8 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Lawsuit- Lindsay Suing Video Game Makers Over Cartoon Likeness

  1. Bitch it ain’t you! I see that image everytime I turn on my game and that def ain’t her – thirsty bitches need to go get a drink!

    1. LOL I was coming on her to say that. She’s gotten paid before pulling this scam. Bish barely worked in years yet she keeps flossing. Missy knows how to get money off dem mens.

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