Ann Coulter to Black America: ‘Enjoy it While You Can’


The ignorant and very outspoken Ann Coulter always has alot to say when it comes to blacks and them getting ahead in this country, apparently she is salty about the Oscars since Lupita NYong’O won for Best Supporting Actress in 12 Years A Slave, she took to Twitter telling all of Black America to rejoice now….. Because it will not last forever…..


 This sounds racist as hell… Black people cant act? We don’t deserve awards for our hard work? Sometimes white people can get out of  control and reckless with their comments about blacks when they see them progressing in some sort of way.. Sad that people like this see nothing wrong with their closed mind and hate for other races.  Everytime I see or hear Ann I think of that Boondocks skit they did of her… Check it out below:

Karma will deal with this woman eventually….

5 thoughts on “Ann Coulter to Black America: ‘Enjoy it While You Can’

  1. Tell her and the rest of the cave women to enjoy the out-doors while they can, because shortly they’ll be running back to the caves where they came from

  2. This bitch need to get hit by a steam train! Her white ass aint worth nothing.. smh at that ignorance!

  3. I would go in on her but she will get what’s coming to her sooner or later. This racist ish she spread she will be held accountable for.

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