Angela Simmons gets Seductive For Culture Starved.Com


Angela Simmons is looking very fierce as the cover girl for the online Magazine in this new interview she talks about her fashion website , following your dreams and how she continues to do what she does………. Check out some pictures and excerpts inside.



CS: What does fashion mean to you?
AS: Fashion is everything to me! I like to incorporate fashion in everything that I do! Fashion is always evolving and it always allow me to be creative.
CS: How do you pick a designer to feature on your site?
AS: I hand pick designers based on the designs and creativity! We love supporting new and upcoming designers!




CS: What inspires you?
AS: Traveling inspires me! I am very inspired by art and different artists!
CS: What’s your advice for young guys and girls who are interested in getting into the fashion industry?
AS: My advice for anyone interested in getting into fashion industry, is to take internship opportunities, Study your field, don’t give up and do what you love, love what you do!


It takes a hating’ chick to look at these photos and deny that his girl is beautiful, I really love these…. I like Angela, she has a lot of ambition and I admire that about her……  Great shoot…


  • Venessa Thomas

    Me either

  • Nicola Gossips

    She looks great, but I don’t understand why she is famous.

  • Venessa Thomas