Andre Leon Talley Says Kim Kardashian Is A Fashion Icon

kim kardashian vogueAndré Leon Talley is defending the April cover of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Andre tells Entertainment Tonight, that Kim Kardashian is a fashion icon!

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“Kim is to me a fashion icon” Talley said about Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour’s decision. “On my Zappos couture site, I had already called her ‘Muse of the Month’…She’s aspirational to a lot of young girls.”

Talley continues and says, “There are haters about the Vogue cover, I don’t get hate. This is Anna Wintour’s version of just celebrating achievement. Kanye’s achievement as a great rapper, and a great businessman. And Kim’s achievement as a public figure, an iconic woman of her time, who has managed to be in the limelight with a reality show.”

i still think this will be one of the best selling issues ever, and truthfully Kim did that, anyone should be motivated by her achievements it doesn’t really matter how she arrived, just know she is here and is being respected!

  • Venessa Thomas

    She’s a fashion icon…..for Reality TV

  • Meiqua

    She can dress her butt off now. Y’all can’t take that away from her.

  • Nicola Gossips

    This is why Andre is not longer at Vogue. But it looks like he wants to be Anna’s successor if Obama gives her that Ambassador position.

  • MrsGrapevine

    I don’t understand the hate, but I also don’t see anything bold or edgy about this cover. It looks like the cover of a wedding magazine. People who like her are going to buy it, and people who don’t will not. It’s not a game changer, and it doesn’t really make any statement.

  • cottenkandi

    Icon is a stretch don’t you think?

  • mb

    Andre is making it worse for the haters. All the haters want to hear is shade, they want you to throw shade at Kim.