Amber Rose Throws Shade at Kanye West ?


Yesterday Kanye West released a remix of Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s “Drunk in Love”  and so far its getting good and bad feedback.  Amber Rose who dated Kanye West for a few years, and who is now married to Wiz Khalifa took to twitter to tweet her favorite song is now ruined!

“F*ck my fav song is ruined. Smh. Terrific” Amber is a big Beyonce fan. Clearly, Amber doesn’t say what song  is ruined is Amber throwing shade?

amber tweet


Within minutes of posting her original tweet,  Amber deleted it  and tweeted the following messages.

“Just landed was talking about my hubby’s song that he gave to someone else & I picked the one day “he” comes out with a song Just my luck. I fucking hate twitter. Smh.”

Followed by “All good tho ppl who really know me know that’s not my style”

So she said no shade thrown, do we believe her?


7 thoughts on “Amber Rose Throws Shade at Kanye West ?

  1. Amber Rose has every right to be shady. I wish she would have left the tweet, too. Even though Kanye verse is lyrically hot, I don’t want Kardashian or Kanye on Beyonce’s Drunk In Love. It changes the intimacy. Basically, he just told the world how well she sucks.

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