Alicia Keys Loses Blackberry Endorsement


Blackberry has been struggling to stay in the game for awhile, but with a $4.4 billion dollar loss in it’s last quarter they fired several executives including Alicia Keys who was the the company’s global creative director. Alicia was name creative director last year January, but her public role at the company, which is based in Waterloo, Ontario, noticeably faded after the new phones proved to be a flop. Blackberry was pissed that Alicia was still using her Iphone…

In an emailed statement, Adam Emery, a spokesman for the company, offered no specific reason for Ms. Keys’ departure, which is effective at the end of this month. “BlackBerry and Alicia Keys have completed our yearlong collaboration,” the statement said. After accepting the job last year, Ms. Keys continued to use an iPhone to post on Twitter, apparently unaware of software that tracks what device was used to create Twitter posts. Given that John S. Chen, BlackBerry’s interim chief executive, is refocusing the company on business and government users, it seems unlikely that he will name a replacement for Ms. Keys in the creative director’s job. The fact that NO ONE knew she was working for them is a good enough reason to fire her… But I think Alicia is more worried about her sneaker line than Blackberry.