Alex Trebek Makes His Rapping Debut On Jeopardy


Alex Trebek made his rapping debut last night when he was asking questions, the Canadian born host of Jeopardy caused a frenzy on Twitter last night and started trending world wide for his skills. Alex Trebek grabbed the mic last night on Jeopardy! and rhymed his way through the pun-tasticly titled category, “It’s A Rap.” You can check out the entire segment now, in which Trebek lends the dulcet timbre of his voice to famous lines from cuts by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five (“The Message”), Notorious B.I.G. (“Juicy”), the Beastie Boys (“No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn”), Dr. Dre (“Nuthin’ But A G Thang”) and Public Enemy (“Timebomb).”

Then someone went and created a remix to the show:


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