“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression

you make.”–William Bernbach

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kia soto

Kia Soto

 Writer Editor and Dreamer

Creative Director and Founder of TattleTailzz,

Star Cloud Media Group


Annika D

“I have a creative mind and a heart of gold”

Partner, Student, Blogger

bball pic

Ashley Dillard

Freelance Sports Journalist /Blogger

Student first…everything else is second!

A young woman trying to follow her dreams of becoming the NEXT big sports anchor/journalist.


Brittany Rivee’

Writer and blogger with a passion for celebrity gossip. I loves entertainment, current events, fashion and music.

“I’m working to become the next big entertainment mogul, so watch out Oprah because here I come!”

For more of me check out my website BrittBratsBlog

photo (1)DeeRene

Dee Rene

Journalist /Contributor/Blogger

My motto – “Those who can – marry and those who can’t – write.”

I lead a double life as a relationship writer by night and an educational superhero by day.

 Website: Laugh.Cry.Cuss is a pop culture website bringing together entertainment news, celebrity gossip,  fashion, music, sports and current events. is rapidly becoming one of America’ fastest growing online entertainment websites.

Glitz, Glam, Girls and Gossip ……Entertaining the Universe with the latest in celebrity news -entertainment -and pop culture.

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