Aaliyah Movie Set to Hit the Big Screen in 2015

aaliyah-tribute-3Amid all the drama surrounding Lifetime and its upcoming Aaliyah biopic, news has recently come out that another version about the famous singer’s life, which was tragically cut short in 2001, may be making its way to the big screen. The film is not expected to hit theaters until late 2015 and is set to star independent artist B. Simone and be directed by author Zane. Many of you may know Zane from his popular “Sex Chronicles” books and you may know B. Simone from…well maybe this is just the break she needs to put her name out there. Other possible cast members include Terrence Howard and Wood Harris although word hasn’t been released yet on who they will portray in the film (although I could see Terrence playing R. Kelly, not necessarily because he looks like the “Bump N’ Grind” singer but I could totally see him giving off a slimeball, I like underage goodies type of vibe and he’s always playing a bad guy in his movies).

aliyah2What’s really going to set this movie apart from its small screen competition is the fact that Aaliyah’s Uncle and former manager, Barry Hankerson, is set to work on the project. I have to admit, of all the girls cast to play Aaliyah; Ms. Simone definitely looks the most like her. I’m interested to see how this whole thing will turn out. Hopefully B. Simone is that “One in A Million” girl that they have been looking for so they don’t have to go “ Back & Forth” and are able to start production soon. (see what I just did there lol)

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  1. Well, I guess that Aaliyah’s family is happy now, since they’re going to get what they wanted. B.Simone looks the most like Aaliyah of any of the young ladies that were said to be portraying Aaliyah, jus’ my opinion. PEACE!!!

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