50 Cent Wants to Collaborate with Drake and Rihanna


50 Cent is gearing up for the release of his new mixtape “Animal Ambition”, which is set to drop June 3rd and he recently sat down with Shade 45 to talk about who he is eager to collaborate with.

50 tells Shade 45:

He wants to collaborate on a song with Drake and Rihanna in the future.

“They’re artists that they do things that I don’t do. It’s a different thing. So we have to find the right song for us to be working with on each other,” Fif said. “I don’t think anyone can beat Drake and creating relationship-based content.”

“And then Rihanna, I think there is a shortage of female solo artists,” he continued. “It’s BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna and those other people. That’s the way the shit starting to feel me.”


That would be an interesting collaboration……




  • Venessa Thomas

    That’s the only hit he’ll make

  • mb

    That’s the only way 50 cent will have a hit song.