50 Cent Tells You Why He Would Never Date Rihanna, Compares Her To Erykah Badu!

50 cent performs onstage with young jeezy

I need for 50 to get a true hobby besides rapping, because he continues to talk about his past flings, even after they’ve moved on and are now birthing children. During a chat with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show this week, he revealed his current status with Ciara and Chelsea, while claiming that dating Vivica was an accident.

On if he’s congratulated Ciara on her pregnancy and his current relationship with Chelsea
I haven’t, I haven’t [congratulated her.] I spoke to her grandmother last night. She’s a sweetheart.

Chelsea [Handler] cool. I might actually do her show before it’s over. Yeah, yeah [we’re still friends] and me and Ciara are still friends. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the time we spent during that period. You usually find out about my relationships after they’re finished.

On Vivica:
That was an accident. That happened so fast. I was so green I was like the front lawn. You know how a woman says she needs closure, she need to have that conversation or whatever? That might spin me right back into the actual relationship.

On how he and Vivica broke up:
It’s the touring. Our lives would be moving us in different directions at the same time. So it’s enough space for us to actually still be into each other. But if you’re away from each other and it’s not right, then she’ll start getting off into things while you’re getting into things at the same time. I like to float away. It’s nice to float.

During 50′s interview with Ricky Smiley this week, he also name-dropped Rihanna and why he could never date her:
And Rihanna got a thing with her where she can…she leave the guy looking like they were the girls. They be hurt. Only person iller than her is Erykah Badu. They come back different. I don’t even want that kind of p-ssy. Keep that. What kinda booty is that?!
Obviously, the type that got Drake hooked!

I’m pretty sure Rihanna is not in your league, boo. Let it be known. It as noting to do with her possibly making you into a b**ch…… You already are… She would only add to it.

I love how men feel the need to publicly critique women who would never even give them the time of day. You went from Ciara, to mid-life crisis Vivica, to sea hag Chelsea; The Rihannas and Erykahs of the world are NOT checking for you.

Nor are the Beyonces, Jill Scotts, Kerry Washington’s, Gabby Unions, Gabouree Sidibes, Patti Labelles, Dame Maggie Smiths, Yoko Onos, Whoopi Goldbergs, or Andre Leon Talleys. No one with good looks, good sense, and/or success in their life wants you!


Speaking of 50 The new court papers show 50 Cent needs to pay $11.6 million in damages for misappropriation of trade secrets, unjust enrichment and breach of confidentiality; and another $4.4 million in legal fees and expenses.

In a nutshell, here’s what happened: An arbitrator in West Palm Beach found that the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, stole design secrets from Bradenton manufacturer Sleek Audio to make his own headphones, Street by 50 and Synch by 50.

50 was walloped in arbitration last summer — and a federal court in Miami just affirmed the award to Sleek.

The singer of Candy Shop and 21 Questions desperately tried to keep the award documents sealed, but the federal court unsealed them recently.

So far, 50’s not talking, and neither are his lawyers.

Through his company G-Unit LLC, Jackson and Sleek teamed up in early 2011 to market Sleek by 50, a line of wireless, over-the-ear headphones.

The new documents show 50 Cent became interested in the product after seeing the success of fellow rapper Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones.

In May 2011, however, Sleek Audio and 50 Cent announced they had split without ever marketing any headphones.

Since then, 50 called has Sleek founders “incompetent” while Sleek branded 50 a “thief.”



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