50 Cent Checks Steve Stout at Knicks Game, Drops Response Video


Steve Stout and 50 Cent were involved in a shouting match at the Knicks game this weekend, apparently they are long time rivals. This is all because of Steve’s interview with The Breakfast Club and with Angie Martinez, where he started taking shots at 50 and him not having a hot single in a long time. Moral of the story is keep people’s names out your mouth. He didn’t check  Steve on twitter, over the phone, via email or instagram. He did that in person, which is the old way of doing things!

Steve told no lies tho!

Steve stated:

“50 hasn’t had a hit in a really long time,” he said. “He has not made anything musically that has changed anything in a very really long time. I feel like he’s always gearing up for something that never happens.”

Stoute also made his way to The Breakfast Club, where he discussed his hand in Fif’s G-Unit sneaker collaboration with Reebok, calling the rapper ungrateful.

“50 Cent never thanked me for that. The guy made so much money off of that, and the guy never thanked me,” Stoute told the morning show. “He walks around and says he can’t stand me. I don’t think he can stand anybody. I don’t know who he likes, but he definitely doesn’t like me. I gave him his first deal, gave him the sneaker deal. I don’t know. He just don’t like me.”

To get you familiar with Steve Stout, just in case you don’t know, Steve got jumped and beat in his own office by Diddy with a Champagne bottle, of course it’s water under the bridge these days.. Especially since he got paid from that beating… Ever since then, his respect level in the industry is low…. Needless to say he’s still a business man and is filthy rich!






A better response to Steve Stoute would have been 50 releasing another successful album.


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7 thoughts on “50 Cent Checks Steve Stout at Knicks Game, Drops Response Video

  1. Im a 50 fan to the end – And he just shouldnt of made the comments – period point blank – Good businessman dont air out issues on radio stations like bitches – i hopw 50 get in that ass and not in the way Steve would probably like!

  2. 50 is a very good businessman, but hasn’t had a hit record in years. I’m confused what did Steve stay that wasn’t true about 50.

  3. 50 cent is an immature bully. What Steve said about 50 cent was true, he isn’t influential in music anymore. 50 cent hasn’t had a hit in years, nowadays he is known more for his bully antics than music. He puts out music and it goes nowhere.

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