3 Dead, 8 Injured During Judd Apatow’s “Trainwreck” Movie Screening in Louisiana

Another senseless act of violence at a movie theater, this time in Lafayette, LA.  A gunman open fire during the screening of Judd Apatow’s “Trainwreck” movie starring Amy Schumer, leaving 3 dead and at least 8 injured on Thursday night at a movie theater in Lafayette, La.,
Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said three people were dead and there were “a number of injuries.” Brian David, a spokesman for the Louisiana State Police, told new sources several of the injured were being transported to local hospitals.

At the time the extent and number of injuries were unclear. According to Craft, the gunman entered the Grand Theater on Johnson Street, a multiplex, during a screening of “Trainwreck,” and opened fire. The identity of the shooter has not been released.


Amy Schumer tweeted about the deadly ‘Trainwreck’ shooting in Louisiana: ‘My Heart Is Broken’



6 thoughts on “3 Dead, 8 Injured During Judd Apatow’s “Trainwreck” Movie Screening in Louisiana

  1. This is so heartbreaking. I don’t know if it’s karma or what, but society has be on a decline these past few years. We choose NOT to go watch movies when they show in theaters, it’s not worth the risk. Prayers for all those lost lives and those that were injured.

  2. This is jus’ sad to me, but I agree that perhaps it is karma, & I’m also sad for the lives lost, & their families. PEACE!!!

  3. Perhaps a misshap….or karma….Apatow has been attacking Cosby via twitter. Sad for all lost. Truly sad.

  4. i feel sorry for the family — sounds like karma to me, his earnings will be nothing now and having his movie attached to such a tragedy — karma for all the shit he talks about everyone

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