2 Chainz Takes Over As CEO for The Atlanta Hawks

SportsTailzz: Seems like the struggling team are doing major changes to get more fans….According to the Atlanta Hawks rapper 2 Chainz maybe the change they need to start attracting more fans and more money, this idea is very creative…hopefully it may work

Starting this week, 2 Chainz is performing at Friday’s Atlanta Hawks game against the Miami Heat and he taking over as the CEO…in a manner of speaking.



2Chainz named CEO of The Atlanta Hawks….this is truuuuuu #2chainz has stepped in for CEO Steve Koonin

This 4-part video series, which will be released in the week leading up to the concert, will show the changes Chainz plans on implementing in the Hawks organization…stay tuned 


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  1. I pull for ALL of my home teams regardless, this might actually attract more fans to the games though, hopefully. PEACE!!!

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