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St. Louis Police Officer Blows the Whistle on Rampant Corruption Within the Department


Officer and veteran Dawon Gore, 44, of the St. Louis County police department is currently suspended without pay and facing charges of second degree assault after allegedly breaking three fingers of a 24 year old man with his baton during a confrontation.
“Officer Darren Wilson is White, I am a Black Officer. Wilson didn’t do a report, I also chose not to do a report. Both subjects were black males, Wilson’s subject had cigars but was unarmed and my subject was found not to be armed as well. Wilson drew a weapon (gun), and I drew my metal baton.”

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Frenchmen Creates Pill to make Farts Smell Like Chocolate ?


A Frenchman may have come up with the perfect solution to one of life’s major problems after he claimed to have invented a pill that makes bodily gases smell like roses and chocolate.
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Blackberry Wants to give you $550 For Your Iphone



Blackberry wants to pay you top dollar for your Iphone, and in it’s desperate attempt to turn themselves around now offering up to $550 for people to trade in their iPhones.

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Eva Mendes Opens up on why she kept her pregnancy quiet and the meaning of Esmeralda


Eva Mendes is finally speaking out after disappearing for awhile and then announcing her pregnancy and then giving birth to her daughter Esmeralda Amada with Ryan Gossling….  In a new interview with Violet Gray Magazine she admits it’s been quite the adjustment dealing with mother hood… Check out some excerpts inside.
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Floyd Mayweather Offered a Guranteed $100 Milli to Fight Pacquiao?


Will Floyd Mayweather take it… ? It’s currently being reported by “The Manila Bulletin” that negotiations have officially begun to finally put together an epic 2015 super fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.
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Alfonso Ribeiro Wins Dancing With The Stars

ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" - Season 19 - Finale - Day Two

I knew when I saw Alfonso Riberio participating on Dancing With The Stars that he would be the one to take home the trophy…… He has officially won the trophy Tuesday night, Alfonso and partner Witney Carson beat out Sadie Robertson (“Duck Dynasty”) and Mark Ballas and Janel Parrish (“Pretty Little Liars”) and Val Chmerkovskiy for the mirror ball trophy.
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New Study Shows that Black Children Viewed As “Less Innocent and Less Young” Than White Children

police whitepolice black

In the wake of the no indictment decision in the case of the police officer who killed Mike Brown, among other numerous killings of young, black men, a recent study published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology pretty much proves what many black people already know; Read the rest of this entry »

Rihanna Releases Brief Snippet From Upcoming Album R8… Drake Inspired or Nah ?


My girl just posted a snippet of what to expect from her upcoming album R8 and I must say.. I want to hear the whole thing… Definitely sounds like she’s on her drake flow…. She even checks a fan for speaking on the album…Like a boss, she dropped a sample….

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Pharrell on Mike Brown: The video of the late teenager robbing a convenience store “looked very bully-ish”


The New Blacks are in full effect and showing their colors day by day and one of them we are about to talk about is Pharrell…. In an interview with Ebony Magazine musician and producer Pharrell Williams shared his thoughts on Ferguson, admitting that some of his views on the story might get him “in trouble.”
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Pine Brother’s Replaces Martha Stewart With Waka For New Commercial


Waka Flocka Flame’s weed-innuendo-filled Pine Bros. cough drop ad stole the show at Sunday’s American Music Awards — but it only happened after the company dropped Martha Stewart as their spokesperson and the new ad was banned by NBC and CBS.
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Bette Midler is not here for Ariana Grande


Bette Midler an OG in the game is not feeling Miss Ariana Grande too much…  She feels Ariana Grande image is too sexual, calling it terrible..

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Catch The Cloud: New Web Series “Money and Violence”

Brooklyn’s own Cloud9TV gives us a raw and rugged Web Series that has its viewers in a frenzy with “Money and Violence”. If your a fan of the wire than I’m sure you will be hooked as most of their viewers are. Money and Violence is based out in the streets of Brooklyn, New York with writer, producer and main character Moe, known as “Rafe” giving us snippets of his real life experiences.

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