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Sony Leak: Denzel Washington Targeted “Black Leads Don’t Play Well”


Well, some more Sony Leaks have surfaced and let’s just say they are not here for black leads in movies, because in their mind they don’t do so well.. Which is lies…

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Lindsay Lohan Thanks London For Her Sobriety, Vows to Never Live in L.A. Again

lindsay lohan

Things must be really looking up for Lindsay Lohan since she’s ditched the L.A. scene and decided to live a peaceful normal life in London, in a new interview with the Observer Lindsay talks about her time in L.A. and the what a big difference it is now that she’s in London..

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Nicki Minaj Breaks Down in Tears Talking About SB, Says :”I don’t know if I’m really single right now”

safaree samuels nicki

Nicki Minaj sat down with Angie Martinez and talked about her relationship with her ex Sarfaree and she pretty much breaks down while talking about them as a couple , she tells Angie Martinez,  if it were not for the entertainment industry they would be married with kids.

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Stevie Wonder Welcomes Ninth Child With Fiancee’ Tomeeka Bracy



Stevie Wonder is celebrating the birth of his ninth child with Fiancee’ Tomeka Bracy, it’s a baby girl and she goes by the name of Nia…

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Why Has Major Media Outlets in America Drifted Away From Respectable Journalism To Invasive Harassing Practices? Perfect Example Bill Cosby & His Family.

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Why is the media allowed to create havoc, disrupt neighbors, harass other humans without conscience?

I am a blogger- many people do not consider “us” real journalist. However, I am an educated woman that knows right from wrong, I have integrity, I love to write, inform and reveal the truth. I believe in going above and beyond to do my job, and to do the right thing. As Gary E. Knell once stated “the most powerful teacher on the planet is media” with that being said, why is the media allowed to invade, crucify, lie and destroy people’s lives, families and legacies? Read the rest of this entry »

Dr. Dre’s Former Business Partner Says He Owes Him Money



Steven Lamar a former business partner of Dr. Dre’s is reportedly claims the music mogul owes him money, claiming he played a major role in designing the headphones, shortly after  Dre cut him out of royalties from the sale of the headphones.

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Kendall Jenner Has Major Feelings For Chris Brown, Wants to Tie him Down by New Years…


Rumors have been going around since the summer about Kendall and Chris Brown having a little thing going on, but it’s official… She’s admitted to really liking Chris and wants to make it official…

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Sony Hackers Won: ‘The Interview’ Has Been Dropped From All Major Theater Chains in America



Not coming as a surprise investigators have revealed that hackers working for North Korea were behind the Sony attack, U.S. law enforcement sources say.  It appears that the Sony Hacker’s are getting their wish and the movie “The Interview has been dropped from all major theaters in the USA… The biggest movie theater chains in the United States have cancelled all plans to show The Interview following threats to attack screenings of the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The three largest chains in the US — AMC, Regal, and Cinemark — are reported to have called off screenings for the movie, as has Cineplex, the largest chain in Canada. While Sony has not officially cancelled release of The Interview, its availability only at small theater chains means that it will be unwatchable for many potential viewers.

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J. Cole Scores The Biggest Hip Hop Debut of 2014


J. Cole ruled the top 200 Billboard this week with the release of his third album 2014 Forest Hills Drive, it came in at number one….

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Bobby Shmurda Was Under Surveillance, Arrested in Sting Operation


Rapper Bobby Shmurda was arrested in a sting operation that involved drugs and multiple shootings and this was part of an on going investigation..

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Back Together Again: Floetry Hits The Stage For Surprise Performance In London


Awwwwww, Reunited Last night, Marsha Ambrosius was tapped for a performance in London’s Clapham Grand for her “Friends and Lovers” tour stop. The songstress then surprised fans by bringing her for former bandmate/spoken word artist Natalie Stewart!
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Dogg Pound’s Kurupt Goes into a Fit Over Kendrick Lamar’s King of New York Line

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In a clip released by VladTV Kurupt went ballistic over New York’s defensive response to Kendrick Lamar’s “I’m the King of New York” line on his “Control” verse. This is all because he said that line first… This was back in 2010’s track “Get Bizy…..” He just doesn’t understand why New Yorker’s get so sensitive…
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